Case Study: New Holland's VR Training App

Enhancing Agricultural Efficiency

At Immersiv Studios, we specialize in developing virtual reality solutions that simplify processes and enhance user experiences.

When New Holland, a leading provider of cutting-edge technology in the agricultural market, approached us with a challenge, we were thrilled to help.


A VR App for the Agricultural Market

New Holland is a global leader in the agricultural market, providing farmers with cutting-edge technology, including tractor software.

However, as the software became more complex, it became increasingly challenging to train people how to use it effectively. Typically, training sessions needed to occur in real-time with an instructor explaining step-by-step how to operate the software. But this approach was time-consuming and costly.

To address this challenge, we developed a VR app that simulates real-world field environments, allowing users to learn at their own pace and without the need for an instructor.

The app is divided into three modules that teach specific skills related to the tractor software:

Enhanced Training Efficiency and Infinite Possibilities

Immersiv Studios’ VR app has been a game-changer for New Holland, enabling them to effectively train their tractors’ users.

The VR app has also been showcased at agricultural events to gather feedback on the next modules, demonstrating its potential for limitless possibilities in the agricultural market. By using text-to-speech algorithms to create an AI-generated voice, our app provides clear instructions to users, enhancing the overall learning experience.

If you’re looking to simplify processes and enhance user experiences in your industry, our team of VR and AR experts can help you develop a tailored strategy!

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