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Pioneering immersive experiences, our team pushes the boundaries of technology.

Welcome to Immersiv Studios, where innovation meets imagination.

At the core of our works lies XR, a realm that includes Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Metaverses. We’re also experts in game development, continuously pushing the limits of immersive experiences.


Crafting Tailor-Made Immersive Experiences for Brands — AR, VR, Games, Metaverses, and Beyond.

Using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, metaverses, and game development, we go beyond conventional approaches to enhance business experiences. Our solutions span a spectrum of applications, ranging from impactful brand activation and engaging social media filters to cutting-edge virtual training solutions and beyond. By integrating Extended Reality (XR), metaverses, and captivating games, we bring a new dimension to business interactions, creating memorable and effective engagements that resonate with audiences.



Our team consists of skilled professionals leading the way in XR development, ensuring that each experience we create is both technically advanced and visually captivating. With experience collaborating with clients, we are accustomed to navigating the development process and delivering final solutions that consistently exceed expectations.


With AR, VR, metaverses, and game development, we are continuously working to innovate and provide new solutions to our clients. We thrive on pushing the boundaries of technology, exploring new possibilities, and staying ahead of the curve to deliver innovative and memorable experiences.


We offer versatile solutions to clients through immersive experiences. Rather than focusing on a specific industry, we are brand-focused. From AR-enhanced marketing campaigns to VR gaming experiences and beyond, we specialize in versatile technological solutions that cater to diverse industries and align with the unique goals of our clients.

Our Team

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Daniel Park


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